Thanks to advances in modern technology, the war in Afghanistan has been captured by journalists in quality we have never seen before in war documentaries, getting us closer to the action then ever before. I have always had trouble finding them in the past so I made a list of my personal top 20 favorite Afghanistan war documentaries. are arranged in no particular order:

Ross Kemp in Afghanistan
Ross Kemp Return to Afghanistan
Taking on the Taliban
Pathfinders: Into the Heart of Afghanistan
Fighting the Taliban
Behind Taliban Lines
Battlefield Afghanistan
Commando: On the Front Line
The Last Outpost
3 Commando Hunting the Taliban
Bravos Deadly Mission
Frontline Afghanistan
Tip of the Spear
Meeting the Taliban
Afghanistan: The Forgotten War
3 Bloody Summers
Behind Enemy Lines
Inside the Green Berets
There are so many documentaries out there its hard to narrow them down to 20 and there are new ones released all the time. For the first time ever we are watching high quality footage whilst the war still continues. Hopefully for peace’s sake it will end soon but in the meantime I’m sure there will be many more war documentaries released that get us even closer to the action.

One particular documentary that has been released recently is Restrepo. This is the first Afghanistan War Documentary to receive massive amounts of exposure and its good to see that there is enough of an interest out there. Although us civilians can never truly understand what war is like, thanks to documentaries like Restrepo we are bridging the gap a little bit.

Restrepo was filmed in 2007 in the mountainous region of the Korengal Valley and was considered the most dangerous posting in the military. Bordering Pakistan, Mujahedeen fighters were never in short supply. Men posted to the Korengal outpost ‘The KOP’ were in engaged in firefights daily, and were responsible for 70% of air ordnance used throughout Afghanistan in 2007. CNN dubbed the Korengal ‘the deadliest place on earth.’ Their task was to provide a security presence in the area so that a road could be built connecting local towns. An attempt at stimulating the local economy and to win the hearts and minds of the people.

Restrepo is a feature length documentary which allows you to immerse yourself in the Korengal as much as an outsider can, and gives you plenty of time to get to know the characters of Second Platoon. As you can imagine, the film is packed full of action. From an IED blast to A-10 gun runs it has it all. It has a beautiful blend of action, quiet times on the OP, humour and sombre reality. It doesn’t overwhelm you with emotion, or overstimulate you with action. Restrepo is a ride any war documentary enthusiast has to experience.

If I had to give my own personal top 5 I would have to include: Taking on the Taliban, Ross Kemp in Afghanistan, Bravos Deadly Mission, Armadillo and Restrepo.

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