Basmati Rice Cooking is part of your recipe for a fine meal. You can find this rice in most super markets. You will taste a distinctive flavor that you will not find in any other rice. This rice goes well with red meat like steak. It compliments fish and chicken. And of course you can use it in any vegetarian meal.

What is your preferred way to cook rice… Stove top or rice cooker? Some simply do not trust the rice cooker. While some will not give up their rice cooker for anything.

You have to master the rice cooker if you have not used one before. It takes some practice but once you learn how you can set the cooker and allow it to cook rice without you having to watch it like you do when cooking rice on the stove top.

Some will soak the basmati rice before preparing it. This is because some believe this rice has a high starch level. They will even triple wash it before soaking it. This produces a firmer rice. But some like to prepare a sticky rice. If you like sticky rice then forget the soaking and washing. Just start cooking.

One way to have flavored rice is to replace the water with chicken broth or beef broth if you want a rich flavor. If you have to eat a sodium reduced diet you can find chicken and beef broth low in sodium at most stores.

If you want to cook the rice faster than the traditional method cover the pan and bring the liquid and rice to a boil. Rather than turning down the heat and allowing the rice to simmer until the liquid is gone allow the rice to boil. Keep your eye on the pan to keep it from over flowing.

When the liquid is gone take the pan off the fire. Allow it to sit for about five minutes allowing the moisture to evaporate. Check it with a fork to see if it is ready to eat. Do not worry about over cooking the rice with this method. But if you need to cook rice in a hurry this method will cut the traditional cook time in half. There are many ways you can experiment with basmati. There is no right or wrong way to prepare this versatile rice. After awhile you will develop some great recipes of your own.

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