A lot of people take Browser Based MMORPGs for granted. Did you know that the web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.) were and still are not designed to play games. But if there is an interactive user interface; it’s only a matter of time until some programmer wonders along and starts making a game for that platform, even if just for fun. Well that’s all cool and all, but what if the platforms was not designed for games in mind; such as the web browser? I’ll tell you what, you run into all kinds of issues that you do not find on gaming consoles such as the xbox, PlayStation or desktop PC applications (Wow, Half-Life, etc). I will discuss here a few common issues that players of Free Browser Based MMORPGs encounter during game play. https://parilifestyle.com/

The most common issue is when developers of Free Browser Based MMORPGs makes a change to any script that is saved on your computer. This includes javascript, which for non flash browser gamers is usually a major component of the game. Now when the game developer changes this code, it may be cached on your computer and will not automatically update! This is just as frustrating for the game developers as the users themselves, trust me. So when you find that something is not working that used to or things are just acting funny in the game, before you go sending the admins any mail or going around in the forum claiming that the game has been hacked; simply clear your web browsers cache and cookies. Most modern browser cache clearing many can be accessed by pressing CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE on your keyboard. The only 2 options you need checked are cache and cookies. You do not need to clear your browsing history or saved passwords or anything like that. For safe measure restart your browser and log back onto whatever Browser Based MMORPGs you play. If this has not repaired the issue, than yes I would recommend submitting an in game support ticket and give a detailed as possible description as to what is happening as well as which web browser you use.

If you are experiencing lag, be aware that essentially there are two types of lag in this situation.

1: caused by Browser Based MMORPGs pulling more bandwidth than available and
2: the game demanding more CPU power or RAM than available.

The first thing I would do while you are experiencing this lag is to close all other tabs in the browser as well as other web browser windows. One particularly nasty to leave up I have noticed is Gmail. By doing this you are freeing up additional bandwidth, CPU power, and RAM to be used by Free Browser Based MMORPGs. Thats a pretty good step one. Now if you are running an active anti virus / malware scanner, consider disabling the web scanner service it for an hour or so as long as you trust the Browser Based MMORPGs you play and that’s the only tab open of course:)

These simple methods should save you from grief as you play Browser Based MMORPGs, if not contact the game support staff and see if there is something else possibly wrong.


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