This past fall and winter of 2009, UGG Cardy Crochet Boots were more popular than ever, with even more demand and new colors released – and there are more colors coming out for the 2009/2010 season. But, did you know that UGG Cardy Crochet Boots wear just as well in the warmer months of the year? 

That’s a (relatively) little-known fact. You can sometimes see people who live in warmer climates wearing various kinds of UGG boots. In fact it’s not uncommon to find a “beach bum” wearing them – they look like they might be too hot, but they’re actually not.

UGG boots are equipped with a sheepskin lining on the inside of the boots, and you might be surprised to find out how the construction of the boots can actually keep moisture off the feet and keep them quite cool.

Just as with the other types of UGG Boots (Classic, etc.), this is likewise true with the UGG Cardy boots.

There’s plenty of women out there who will likely attest to the fact that the Cardy UGG boots are some of their favorite items in their wardrobe. I see more and more of a trend of “comfortable fashion” being created for women that allows them to have the best of both worlds – comfort and cool fashion in one package. This is most definitely true of the UGG Cardy boots.

If you’re wondering at all what kinds of colors might be available for Spring 2009 for the Cardy boots, here they are:

Jacarunda (Indigo Blue)
Pool (Aqua Blue)
Sorbet (a sort of a “peachy” pink).
Cost Information: UGG Cardy Crochet Boots retail for around $140.00 whether purchased online or from offline merchants. They are available from some specific resources online for less – sometimes quite a bit less than retail cost.
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