Do you know the answers to these worker’s compensation questions?

1. Pick which of the insurance companies below was not an original state fund?
a) GEICO (Government Employees Insurance Company)
b) Employers Insurance Group
c) Liberty Mutual
d) All of the above were funds of the state

2. Which of these four states has the scheduled max rating surcharge?
a) Arkansas,
b) Indiana
c) Texas
d) West Virginia

3. From below, select which is not listed on the information page of a standard worker’s compensation policy.
a) Insurer’s address
b) Liability coverage limits of the employer
c) US states where coverage is offered
d) Insured’s ownership form

4. If a hurt worker in the state of Nevada was presented with work limitations that
rule out the employee’s former job, must the boss secure work for him in
compliance with permanent limitations?
a) Yes, he must. This worker is covered under the Americans with Disability Act.
b) Yes, he must. This employee has a constitutional right to come back to his
former job.
c) Yes, the boss must give the worker a lasting light-duty job.
d) No the boss may refuse to offer a permanent adjusted job.

5. An illegal worker in Tennessee suffered a work-related injury. Following
notification from the worker’s lawyer, the boss fired the worker on the grounds
that there was no work needed. Is the worker legally permitted to file a claim in
regard to ‘wrongful termination’.
a) No, the worker may not. According to the letter of the law, this employee was
not allowed to work in the US in the first place so there is no issue of ‘wrongful
b) No, the worker may not. The state of Tennessee has a right-to-work statute.
c) Yes, the worker may. Regardless of status, workers have the legal right to file a
wrongful termination claim.
d) Yes, the worker may. Under the terms of the Tennessee ruling, undocumented
workers may file a ‘wrongful termination’ claim.

6. In the state of Texas, is an insurance claim adjuster permitted to work as a roofing contractor as well?
a) Yes, he may. Texas has a right-to-work statute that allows the worker to do so.
b) Yes, he may, if he has received proper licensing.
c) Yes, he may. Due process is a statutory right that permits the adjuster to own a
roofing license.
d) No, he may not. Texas law bars insurance claim adjusters from acquiring roofing
contractor licenses.

Answers: 1 – d; 2-b; 3-a; 4-d; 5-c; 6-d;

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