If you live with a teenager then you know how hard it can be for them to keep their room neat and tidy. Presuming that most of the teenagers have this phase of life, the tips I am going to share with you have to help your kid clean and organise their room and if you are lucky enough, they will keep it that way in future.

Remember, your teen’s mind is full of hundreds of thoughts and getting their room neat and tidy is probably the very last one of them. Keeping their room clean and fresh, albeit it does not top their priority list, can help them get their life on the right track. So in the following article I will share with you some suggestions and ideas to restore your teen’s room to its original condition and create a space they will fall in love with.  https://www.bestmyprice.com/

Be a Team

Before you begin, sit with your teen and discuss what exactly has to be done over the course of the cleaning. Many teens will take advantage of their parents’ help so try not to sound too bossy. Point out the benefits of having a tidy room and make sure to give an ear to their ideas, too. Remember, you have to respect their suggestions. Avoid dealing with the cleaning project on your own because some teens think of this act as an invasion of their privacy. So designate a time to do the cleaning together but when both of you are relaxed and calm so that you can have enough time to complete the job.

Step by Step

Not only is the step by step strategy very efficient but it can also help create a cleaning routine for the teen to follow. Do a chore at a time till you are done.

Start with making the bed. It does make the space look more organised.
Let some sunshine in by opening the curtains.
Collect everything from the floors, plus what hides under the bed. If it is a thorough clean up, make piles of the collected items – one for recyclable items, another for the keepsakes, etc.
Remove the clutter such as old magazines, papers, etc.
Fold the clean clothes and toss the dirty ones right in the laundry basket. Have your teen grow into the habit of storing their clothes the right way. Help them organise their wardrobe, getting rid of all those clothes which are worn-out, ripped or do not fit anymore.
Get rid of everything your teen does not use anymore.
If there is anything broken, fix it or replace it.
Make sure to dust off all surfaces.
Sweep the hardwood floors and vacuum the carpets.
Empty the trash bins.
Storage Ideas

Provide your teen with their own hamper for the room.
If the space is big enough, put a desk with a recycle bin underneath.
Use the space under the bed to store stuff, too.
Use shelves and hooks for various stuff such as hats, bags, accessories, scarves, etc.
Plastic boxes and bins are great for storing shoes, notebooks, scarves, etc.
Bookshelves can keep books and magazines organised.
A portable make up caddy is ideal for your teenage daughter’s stash of make up.
As you can see it is not that hard to involve your teens in the cleaning project but you must always respect their ideas and privacy. Soon enough, your kid will get into cleaning on their own without needing your assistance any more.

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